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Compás is a rhythm, a metronome, pace of a step, a pulse and a basic rule. It is fundamental element on which all music is based on.

Stefan Milenkovich is a world-famous violinist who has proven himself on concert stages from a very young age. Stefan and the versatile Slovenian accordionist Marko Hatlak join forces in the energetic ensemble Stefan Milenkovich & Marko Hatlak Tango Compás alongside pianist Marko Črnčec, double-bassist Luka Herman Gaiser and Ana Bezjak as guest vocalist. Their repertoire consists mainly of energetic tango arrangements but includes original adaptations of Latin music and jazz pieces as well. The concert takes the audience on a journey of discovery – from South America, the cradle of tango, to the heart of Europe and its modern masterpieces. The concerts they performed last year in Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Serbia and the USA had immense success.

Marko Hatlak has performed on national and international stages since 2000. After graduating from the Ljubljana Conservatory of Music and Ballet he continued his studies in Germany – first in Weimar and later in Würzburg where he finished his postgraduate studies under the renowned professor Stefan Hussong. Tango music is Hatlak’s forte which is why he formed his first tango ensemble, Distango, while still studying in Weimer. He later founded the Marko Hatlak & Funtango ensemble which is still performing today. He has collaborated with many internationally acclaimed musicians – Stefan Milenkovich, Vlatko Stefanovski, Stefan Hussong, Una Palliser, Neil Innes and Tommy Emmanuel, Mate Bekavac, Mojca Zlobko and Karmen Pečar Koritnik, and has performed in tango and ethno ensembles – Marko Hatlak & Funtango, Stefan Milenkovich, Marko Hatlak and Ars Tango, Terrafolk, Kapobanda and Stefan Milenkovich & Marko Hatlak Tango Compás. He has recorded many albums, covering genres such as tango, baroque, classical, ethno and contemporary. He has produced film and theatre music as well as held music lessons for primary and secondary school children.



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