Marko Hatlak’s new program of lessons for children ‘With accordion around the world’ is a continuation of the project ‘From Bach to tango’. With this program, Marko Hatlak, while playing different songs for children in more than 30 kindergartens and primary schools in Slovenia and abroad, represented accordion as a wide and versatile instrument with which you can play from folk to contemporary music. Marko Hatlak presents children the width of the instrument – together they cross a variety of continents, where the accordion flourishes both in folk tradition and as a bearer of contemporary music. The children can hear the works of authors from differet spatial and time frames such as Bach, Cage, Avsenik, Piazzola, Galliano and others. At the same time they recognize that the concert accordion has its own brothers and sisters – the diatonic accordion, bandoneon, button cell accordion and that each of them is proud of its sound capabilities. Children learn about the personal story of the entertainer – from the study abroad to appearances on big stages and get an insight into what the artist learns and develops throughout the whole life. They have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the art of music in 45 minutes at a relaxed and entertaining pace through an instrument that is as wide as an accordion.