Marko Hatlak&Kapobanda, ethnic group, which was founded by Marko Hatlak at the end of last year together with Goran Bojčevski, Miha Meglič and Rok Hozjan. They are mostly all seasoned musicians from Terrafolk and also renowned soloists, these four musicians bring to the stage the best from Balkan temperament, Gypsy, Irish folk songs and classics. Band members of Kapobanda create unpredictable and emotional atmosphere with Balkan songs. They test the speed of their fingers and the boundaries of their instruments through a combination of solo tunes. Listeners cannot remain indifferent to the sounds of the accordion, singing, clarinet, guitar and double bass. Fresh ethno band Kapobanda is merging different music areas with an excellent creative start and with a humorous way offers the listener a memorable musical experience. Marko Hatlak is by education a classical accordionist and has a soul of a tango musician. He confirms his dedication to diverse musical genres with creating on the vast field of ethnic music. He has become mostly noticed with the Slovenes with the band Terrafolk with which he worked with between 2004 and 2013. He was on tour many times in almost all European countries. From 2013 he is also in a duet with renowned Irish violinist Una Palliser and are performing repertoire of Irish and Balkan folk music. Besides that he also collaborated with many renowned musicians such as Vlatko Stefanovski, Neil Innes, Tommy Emmanuel, Stefan Milenkovich and others.

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