Marko Hatlak BAND


With his new project Marko Hatlak BAND, Marko Hatlak tries his hand at pop, latino, funk and rock. The inspiration he gets from Jamiroquai, Stevie Wonder, Phil Collins, Michael Camilo, Prince and soft ballads of rock giants is translated into energetic, entertaining, rhythmical, dance and youthful music. Ever since the beginnings of his career, accordionist Marko Hatlak likes to switch between various music genres – from classical and contemporary art music to tango and ethno – and now he has broadened this spectrum even further. In the Marko Hatlak BAND project, he shows himself in a new role as accordionist and vocalist as well as author of most of the songs. The music characterised by the band sound is virtuosic and pointedly rhythmical. Marko Hatlak assembled top-class Slovenian musicians inspiring him with their work, virtuosity, their own field of creativity, and positive energy. The stage chemistry among the performers is reflected in excellent covers of well-known songs by their idols, with a special emphasis on attractive Hatlak’s song, and the musical dialogue among the band members is humorous and playful. The band led by Marko Hatlak successfully combines the poles of musical energy – sophistication and explosiveness – into a relaxed club evening and entertaining concert atmosphere, where music bursts with power.

Marko Hatlak – accordion, vocals
Žiga Kožar – drums
Leon Firšt – keyboards
Erik Čebokli – bass
Lazaro Zumeta – percussions, violin