Musikalisches opfer, J. S. Bach

Musikalisches opfer, J. S. Bach

  1. 01 Musical Offering
  2. 02 Sonata in g minor - I
  3. 03 Sonata in g minor - II
  4. 04 Sonata in g minor - III
  5. 05 Jesus bleibt mein Freude
  6. 06 Sonata in G - major - I
  7. 07 Sonata in G - major - II
  8. 08 Sonata in G - major - III
  9. 09 Sonata in G - major - IV
  10. 10 Nun komm, der heiden Heiland

Johan Sebastian Bach, one of the most influential and productive composers in the history of music art, has inspired the artists on all the continents of the world for more than three hundred years. Bach is special for me, too, when I think about pure beauty and ideal balance between a dedicated love and incredibly structured order. His music is for me the musical testament towards which I have always returned, immersing myself in it and studying it. Performing Bach’s works requires exactly this kind of poise, along with all the beauty and detail, to be able to preserve a certain control over the composition from a higher “bird’s-eye” perspective. When I succeed in feeling a composition exactly in the right way, I am filled with an internal peace, almost a kind of meditation. Bach’s music is full of relations between individual sounds, harmonies and rhythm and reminds me of harmony of the universe around us!

The CD features three solo compositions and two sonatas in a duet with cello and oboe which I have wished to record for a long time.

Marko Hatlak – accordion

Karmen Pečar Koritnik – cello
Melina Todorovska – oboe