Music for accordion, H. Ajax, J. Krebs, J. Cage, U. Rojko

Music for accordion, H. Ajax, J. Krebs, J. Cage, U. Rojko

  1. 01 Antiodromea
  2. 02 Music for Acordion
  3. 03 DREAM
  4. 04 Batagele 1
  5. 05 Batagele 2
  6. 06 Batagele 3
  7. 07 Batagele 4

The CD features four original compositions of contemporary authors written for the concert accordion. At the time of my study of concert accordion with professor Stefan Hussong in Wurzburg I met the Swedish composer Henrik Ajax with whom I had many discussions about the sublimeness and beauty of the music. Later on the composition “Antiodromea” followed which was performed and recorded on this CD for the first time. Henrik Ajax says: „Antiodromea is a turn into its contrary, the calm and gentle passes to magnificent and penetrating. The composition is dedicated to my friend and colleague Marko Hatlak.” The intensive composition of the German composer Joachim Krebs entitled “Music of Accordion” presents many different options of the instrument. The composition “Dream”, by John Cage, represents the mediation or inner peace; the connection with nature. Bagatelles for accordion and piano of the Slovene composer Uroš Rojko written for Stefan Hussong and Miko Yamada through four movements present a gradual change from chaotic to a new sound integrity that Uroš Rojko has named Klavikordeon.

Marko Hatlak – accordion

Miho Maegaito – piano