History, Astor Piazzolla

History, Astor Piazzolla

  1. 01 Primavera Portena
  2. 02 Verano Porteno
  3. 03 Otono Porteno
  4. 04 Invierno Porteno
  5. 05 Tangata
  6. 06 Contrabajissimo
  7. 07 Tangsuedia
  8. 08 Concerto Para Quinteto

Tango is not only passionate, but it is also rough and in the next moment romantically innocent. I wish to feel the music of Astor Piazzolla intuitively and at the same time preserve its mighty elegance. Since Astor Piazzolla with his quintet improvised his music, with the Funtango we tried to understand the music notation more independently, which gave the compositions a more spontaneous and temperamental character.

Marko Hatlak – accordion
Bojan Cvetrežnik – violin
Sašo Vollmaier – piano
Andrej Pekarovič – guitar
Piero Malkoč – bass

RTV Slovenija, Založba kaset in plošč, 2008