Distango, Astor Piazzolla

Distango, Astor Piazzolla

  1. 01 Prelude to the Cyclical Night
  2. 02 Primavera Portena
  3. 03 Biyuya
  4. 04 Soledad
  5. 05 Verano Porteno
  6. 06 Resurreccion del Angel
  7. 07 Contrabajisimo
  8. 08 Michelangelo 70
  9. 09 Milonga del Angel
  10. 10 Concierto para Quinteto

Tango Nuevo by Astor Piazzolla – an explosive, expressive form of the concert tango which unites the elements of traditional Tango Viejo, classical music and jazz. Piazzolla developed this revolutionary kind of music between New York, Paris and Buenos Aires – from his first meeting with bandoneón through his struggle for existence and the final appreciation of his music, his study with Albert Ginasetera and Nadia Boulanger and playing in various ensembles. He founded “Quinteto Tango Nuevo” in 1978 and reached international success with it. We, the members of Distango, are all born around that year. The passionate power of music which sets free and at the same time demands a complete commitment, has joined our paths during the study at the Liszt School of Music in Weimar to the common path in the rhythm of tango.

Marko Hatlak – accordion
Mladen Bucić – guitar
Bàlint Perjési – violin
Henning Ruhe – piano
Witold Moszyński – double bass

DUX Recording Producers, 2003